Rachel is asked to list some significant moments in her life. It seems the most potent way for strangers to discover insight into Rachel’s inner-being.

Here are Rachel’s eleven answers to the question:
What are the significant aspects or experiences of your life?

The answers provide an insight into Rachel’s true ‘Being

1. I started to become interested in the benefits of Yoga in 1996 a year after I had been widowed and left to bring up four children (3.5 to 11 years old) on my own.

2. To find calm and strength during my single parenting I learned “Chi”/” Qi” as I started to practice Chi Kung and Tai Chi. I continued doing weekly classes and several workshops each year within these three (Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung).

3. My understanding and ability to feel the “chi” energy formed a basis for the understanding of how balancing energy and moving energy could change the physical body and restore health. I went on to study various holistic therapies and Reiki, counselling skills and NLP.

4. While on an NLP Master Practitioner Modeling course in Botswana. I was called ”San Woman” after one of the San women I was among (working to make shell bracelets) had been observing me. I had sat with them and was enjoying their creative circle. All the women sat and crafted ostrich shell bracelets and necklaces to sell to the tourists. The first task was to clip the shell into a perfect circle and punch a centre hole ready to be threaded on to the string. Through their intuitive feeling of my persona, I became one of their group.

5. I studied Theology and Education at Bishop Grosseteste University, having gained access on the course from my A level Psychology and Sociology results. My spiritual understanding and connection developed significantly during my studies of world religions. 

6. My dyslexia was discovered during my degree course. For most of my life teachers and educational experts had labelled me with a low IQ for years. After taking part in a specialist IQ test, I’m rated in the top 6.7% of the population. 

7. I love the opportunity to be active in the Lincolnshire Wildlife reserves. My skill is in conservation management tasks. Having nurtured my children in these environments, the project weekends now see three generations of the Bavin family involved in conservation management.

8. I have worked in palliative night care for more than seven years and feel a deep sense of honour to be there for those for whom I care.

9. I have been an active member of my local community. Being a Sunday school leader, a co-runner of mother and toddler groups, an assistant scout leader, an active breastfeeding support group member, various committee roles in the community (School PCC, LWT local area group, Church committees).

10. I am a Lincolnshire’ Lincolnshire’ Yellow Belly” and my desire is to support the consciousness wave to grow in Lincolnshire. The South is far more awakened. 

11. I made all four of my children’s Christening gowns, each one increasing in intricacy, the 4th was more than 60 hours of embroidery in pure silk of the baptism of Christ.

What can we learn from these words?

We discover a kind, caring and intelligent ‘Being’ whose purpose is to care and give. What more could one want from someone who can help us connect to one’s inner Being?

How can Rachel help you find your inner Being?

Try the exercise for yourself. List the significant aspects of your life. Think carefully about why the aspects are significant. You may discover your true self, your needs, aspirations. You may choose to work with Rachel. She will help you balance your bio-resonance. You see, your list of significant moments are keys to the balance of one’s Being.