Harmonising the 'Being'?

Elemental Balance is run by Rachel Bavin. Her interest in energy fields and energy field balance has led her to a lifelong investigation of the concepts behind the energy flows within the ‘Being’.

This is no exact science and in truth, there is little scientific evidence to support many of the claims made on the internet. Anyone who feels they would like to investigate the ideas found on this website should understand they are explorers of concepts which have no or little formal explanation.

Today’s society is sceptical of many alternative and complementary therapies. One needs an open mind and a willingness to discover how bio-resonance is considered. Open-minded and flexible people consider all possibilities and choose to form their opinion based on the ideas presented to them.

One may begin with the idea there is a gentle flow of energy throughout the ‘Being’. And if it is a harmonious flow all is well. When the flow is restricted or diverted the bio-resonance fields within the ‘Being’ is in a non-harmonic state.

You are near to the idea of bio-resonance by considering the Chakra system: which is explained as seven wheels of energy from head to feet. Of course, there is no evidence the Chakra approach exists. It is an ancient idea accepted by millions of people worldwide. And although many strongly resist the idea of the Chakra system, there are many who feel meditation, mental exercise and alternative ideas can have a beneficial on their wellbeing. Remember, meditation is part of Chakra enlightenment and rebalancing.

Again there is no evidence to support this belief. And there are many who wish to stop people even considering the possibility of energy-flow as a way to wellbeing. Readers should be clear: There is no suggestion that energy-flow or bio-resonance have curative or diagnostic value. Or indeed capability!

The suggestion is this:

People who are prepared to explore the possibility of energy fields and choose to test the idea can make up their minds if an energy field flows within the being’. Rachel’s work is not to prove the existence of bio-resonance! She invites people and clients to try the possibilities and make up their own mind. During a private interview, Rachel will offer ideas for a client to research and consider. Rachel may choose to use bio-resonance measuring techniques to assess the energy flow. Clients work with Rachel to verify information suggested by the equipment.

Clients are guaranteed nothing! And due to ‘certain’ restrictions, she cannot publish testimonials from the people she works with. Therefore this site is a place of information. It will guide readers to the ideas put forward by people who have investigated the concept of bio-resonance and energy flowing through the ‘Being’.

Ultimately it is for reader and client to decide if bio-resonance has a part to play in the ‘Being’s’ wellbeing. Rachel is asked: “Will bio-resonance diagnose or cure?” her answer is clear and precise: “There is no evidence to suggest either. We are in a world where ideas can be tested and worked with: when you work with me we work together to discover if there is a possibility bio-resonance flows exist. There is NO claim to diagnose or cure. The interest is in bio-resonance and the possibility analysis and bio-resonance harmonisation may benefit the ‘Being’ “.

Why Does Rachel use the word Being?

Using the words ‘body and mind’ infers health and illness. When the word ‘Being’ is used it infers the ‘Being of Spirituality’ or the ‘Being of one’s Spirit’. We know for sure a human who cares for and works with their spiritual ‘Being’ can discover ways to live a life of happiness and contentment. We are inclined to believe that bio-resonance is the essence and connection between one’s thinking and spiritual ‘Being’. The suggestion is when the outside environments are negative and against one’s true being (for example war, famine, excessive control) one’s energy field is out of harmony. Many people who consider bio-resonance feel the energy fields and flows within the ‘Being’ can be re-harmonised.

Many thanks for coming to Elemental Balance. Rachel’s desire is for you to form an interest in the bio-resonance. Remember, the idea is to consider the concept of ‘Being’ – You are asked to think about the connection between spiritual thoughts and happiness and how life issues (for example injustice and material problems) can affect one’s ‘Being’. Readers are also asked to think about the possibility that bio-resonance harmonisers can be beneficial to the connection between ‘Being’ and ‘Consciousness’. There is is no reference to physical or mental wellbeing, you are asked to consider the possibilities of how a harmonious spiritual being can negotiate an abrasive world and become a well ‘Being’.